Boutique Shout About Regulations

  1. SHOUT ABOUT run by:
  2. SHOWROOM SHOUT ABOUT represented by the business activity ShoutAbout with its registered office in Warsaw Mokotowska 57 Street Apartment 6, 02–542 Warsaw, NIP ( Tax Identification Number ): 7393216082,
  3. runs a business activity acting as a sales agent of goods owned by third parties for fees.
  4. SHOUT ABOUT runs showroom w Warsaw at Mokotowska 57 Street Apartment 6, 02–542 Warsaw, as well as offers display through a website
  5. All words or phrases used in these regulations shall be interpreted as follows:

    1. The Principal – ShoutAbout with the registered office address: Mokotowska 57 Street Apartment 6, 02–542 Warsaw, NIP ( Tax Identification Number ): 7393216082, hereinafter referred as to : Shout About.
    2. The Principal is the natural or legal person who is the owner of the item to be sold through the Contractor, as well as the natural or legal person who submitted the goods for sale by the Contractor.
    3. Customer - any buyer of an item offered by the Principal for sale, mediated by Shout About.
    4. Parties - the Principal and the Contractor.
    5. Goods - movable goods made available to the Contractor by the Principal, and subsequently presented in the specification posted at and/or in the showroom, which may be the subject of a contract of sale concluded between the Principal and the Customer with the mediation of the Contractor.
    6. Regulations - these Regulations.
  6. General Provisions

    1. Shout About runs a business activity consisting in intermediation in the conclusion in sale of goods by the Customer, with a fee in the form of a commission agreed by the Parties, including the promotion of sales offers during the time of the contract duration.
    2. The Principal is the owner of the items displayed by Shout About in the showroom and on the website The Principal is a party to the sales contract with the buyer of the item.
      1. Goods that can be placed on offer by Shout About must meet the following requirements together:
      2. they must be authentic (original),
      3. the brand of the goods must be on the list of brands accepted by Shout About,
      4. their condition must be no worse than good and any signs of use must not be significant,
      5. they must be washed/cleaned,
      6. they must have all internal tags and logos,
      7. they must be without stains, discoloration, undamaged and complete,
      8. they must be in their original form without tailor modifications,
      9. glasses must be in their original case i) swimming costumes and underwear must be new and have tags attached.
      1. Shout About reserves the right to:
      2. introduce into the offer of the online shop or into the showroom only selected brands, types of goods and products, selected during verification,
      3. verify the condition of the goods in the context of their use,
      4. verify the authenticity of the goods,
      5. verify the goods in the context of legal defects and the originality of the goods,
      6. verification of the price of goods
    3. Shout About shall charge with commission from the sale of goods placed on the offer, at the amount and according to the principles specified in the Agreement concluded with the Principal.
  7. Goods Placing

    1. The Procedure related to placing the goods to the Internet shop offer or the showroom shall be initiated by the Principal by filling in the form on the website or by sending an e-mail to the address:
    2. The condition of the effective placing the goods is to provide accurate personal data of the owner, including a telephone number or e-mail address to make a contact.
    3. The Principal confirms that he/she is the owner of the goods by sending a form / e-mail.
    4. The Principal is obliged to indicate the item in the form, specifying its name, brand and expected sales price.
    5. The submission of the item shall not be mean concluding the Agreement between The Principal and Shout About, thus it shall constitute only placing an offer in an electronic form by the Principal within the meaning of art. 661 § 1 of the Civil Code and binds Shout About for a period of 10 days from the delivery of the placing good declaration.
  8. Goods Verification

    1. Upon receipt of the Goods from the Principal, Shout About shall carry out verification activities concerning particular goods, their originality and other parameters.
    2. No later than 10 days after the date of receipt of goods and performed verification Shout About shall inform the Principal about the conditions and details of the individual goods and whether it is interested in concluding an agency agreement for the sale of these goods and proposes the terms of this agreement.
    3. The costs of delivering the goods to Shout About and the costs of collecting the goods / returning them to the Principal shall be borne entirely by the Principal.
  9. Conclusion and Execution of the Contract

    1. The conclusion of the contract for the sales of goods shall be in writing or else shall be invalid.
    2. Shout About is not responsible for claims arising from warranty, warranty or non-conformity of goods with the contract. The addressee of such claims shall be the Principal as the owner of the goods.
  10. Final Provisions

    1. Shout About reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions of these Regulations at any time. Any amendments to the terms and conditions shall be effective when they are clearly indicated and posted on
    2. Valid Regulations are published on the website
    3. The Regulations have been effective since 01.08.2019.

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